A Becoming Resemblance

A Becoming Resemblance was an exhibition of work by Heather Dewey-Hagborg and Chelsea E. Manning, curated by Roderick Schrock, investigating emerging technologies of genomic identity construction and our societal moment.

In 2015, Heather began to produce 3D printed portraits derived from the DNA extracted from cheek swabs and hair clippings Chelsea mailed out of prison. Incarcerated since her gender transition and subject to a strict policy on visitation, Chelsea’s image was suppressed from 2013 until her release from prison in May this year. The artistic collaboration with Heather gave Chelsea back a form of visibility, a human face she had been denied.

As Chelsea described the collaboration: “Prisons try very hard to make us inhuman and unreal by denying our image, and thus our existence, to the rest of the world. Imagery has become a kind of proof of existence. The use of DNA in art provides a cutting edge and a very post-modern—almost ‘post-post-modern’—analysis of thought, identity, and expression. It combines chemistry, biology, information, and our ideas of beauty and identity.”

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A Becoming Resemblance
Fridman Gallery, NYC
August 2 – September 5, 2017

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The Guardian

Featured at Transmediale, 2018

Published by Roderick Schrock

director @eyebeamnyc, instructor SVA Curatorial Practice