Slipped Gears

“While airplanes of today have never been able to fly more perfectly directly, from takeoff to touchdown, runways have become damaged due to wheels landing repeatedly at exactly the same spot. Micro-precision is thought to lead to a better tomorrow. Countless activities are monitored at hyper-granular levels in order to squeeze out the most potent data, which is in turn used to make machines less brutalist and more balletic and predictive. We have apps that measure every step and heartbeat; stock market trades are recorded in milliseconds. But, at the end of the day, the euphemistically labeled cloud, storing so much of this information, is formed from acres of gigantic metal, glass, and plastic warehouses, absorbing megatons of environmentally unsound energy to keep machines cool. The intensity of the race for immediate precision in all things is leaving scratches and scars IRL. The seemingly seamless perfection of data-driven everything sometimes has unseen liabilities — the worn-down spots on runways are the scars being created in our collective digital psyche.”

– Roderick Schrock, from the catalog

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Slipped Gears
Usdan Gallery, Bennington College
September 16 – October 16, 2014

Published by Roderick Schrock

director @eyebeamnyc, instructor SVA Curatorial Practice